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The Yearbook of Balkan and Baltic Studies Volume 3

The third issue of The Yearbook of Balkan and Baltic studies is dwelling on the major theme “Tracking the ritual year on the move in different cultural settings and systems of values”. The articles scrutinize the development of holidays and values in the rapidly changing world. The authors show that the axiological system and the hierarchy of celebrations are tightly connected with the ideology, religion, philosophy, economy, fashion, international contacts and are permanently on the move.
Theory and practice in the humanitarian and social fields of the Balkan and Baltic countries are presented in the second part of the issue by the papers on the development of Baltic languages and cultures academic investigations, on the case study of a folk festival in Albania and on a statistics analysis of the school holidays in Estonia.
The issue includes information on jubilees, new research projects and recently published books.

Editors for this issue are Laurent S. Fournier & Irina Sedakova
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