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JEF 13(2) 2019

Indrek Jääts
"Favourite Research Topics of Estonian Ethnographers under Soviet Rule"
Rita Treija
"A Folklorist in the Soviet Spotlight "
Ilze Boldane-Zelenkova
"The Role of Ethnographers in the Invention of Socialist Traditions in the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic "
Anete Karlsone
"Ethnographic Research in Soviet Latvia – The Source of a Stronger National Identity "
Vida Savoniakaite
"The Regional Studies Movement in Soviet Lithuania "
Terje Toomistu
"Between Abjection and World-Making: Spatial Dynamics in the Lives of Indonesian Waria "
Megersa Regassa Tolasa, Dejene Gemechu Chala
"Oromo Proverbs and Proverbial Expressions in the Customary Judicial System in Ethiopia "
Lili Di Puppo, Jesko Schmoller
"Sacred Geographies and Identity Claims: The Revival of Sacred Sites in the Post-Soviet Space"
Benjamin Gatling
"Sufis, Shrines, and the State in Tajikistan "
Ulan Bigozhin
"Sacred Geographies in the Eurasian Steppe: The Aqkol Shrine as a Symbol of Kazakh Ethnicity and Religiosity"
Aimar Ventsel
"When Sacred Sites Become Symbols of Nationhood "
Iwona Kaliszewska
"Sacred Sites and Not-So-Dirty Money in Daghestan, North Caucasus"
Sergei Shtyrkov
"Sacred Landscapes Through the Lens of Religious Nationalism"
Lili Di Puppo, Jesko Schmolle
"The Revival of Sacred Sites in the Urals: The Local and Beyond"
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