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JEF 9(1) 2015

Maarja Klaas
"The Role of Language in (Re)creating Tatar Diaspora Identity: The Case of the Estonian Tatars"
Patrick Laviolette, Alla Sirotina
"Karakats: the Bricolage of Hybrid Vehicles that Skate and Swim"
Marcus Lepola
"Arctic Bowyery – The Use of Compression Wood in Bows in the Subarctic and Arctic Regions of Eurasia and America"
Tatiana Bulgakova
"Contest in Nanai Shamanic Tales"
James M Nyce, Sanna Talja, Sidney Dekker
"When Ghosts Can Talk: Informant Reality and Ethnographic Policy"
Svetlana Karm, Art Leete
"The Ethics of Ethnographic Attraction: Reflections on the Production of the Finno-Ugric Exhibitions at the Estonian National Museum"
Linda Lotina, Krista Lepik
"Exploring Engagement Repetoires in Social Media: the Museum Perspective"
Sraboni Chatterjee, Pranab Chatterjee
"The Social Construction of Motherhood in Bengali Folklore"
Aivar Jürgenson
"The Departure of an Era in Estonian Ethnology. Commemorating Dr Ants Viires (December 23, 1918 – 18 March 18, 2015)"
JEF Editorial Team
"Toivo Sikka (May 22, 1962 – May 23, 2015)"
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