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JEF 12(2) 2018

Art Leete
"Editorial Impressions: Bricolage and the Ethnographic Field"
Sadhana Naithani
"Related by Contradiction: Folklore and Archive"
Baburam Saikia
"An Introduction to the Sattra Culture of Assam: Belief, Change in Tradition and Current Entanglement"
YiShan Lea
"The Agricultural Deities of Q'eqchi' Mayas, Tzuultag'as: Agricultural Rituals as Historical Obligation and Avatar of the Cultural Reservoir in Rural Lanquin, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala"
Tatyana Bulgakova "Alcohol as a Unifying Force in the Shamanic Community: Nanai Case Study"
Eva Toulouze
"A Man of Words and Silence: A Siberian Intellectual's Mixed Patterns of Communication"
Tatiana Alybina
"Contemporary Mari Belief: The Formation of Ethnic Religion"
Jana Reidla
"Curators with and without Collections: A Comparative Study of Changes in the Curator's Work at National Museums in Finland and in the Baltic States"
Igor Mikeshin
"Believing, Belonging, and Durkheiming: A Report on the 16th Annual EASR conference"
Eva Toulouze, Nikolai Anisimov
"Drinks in the Culture of the Peoples of the Volga-Urals Region: 3rd Ethnographic Field Symposium in Ludorvay, Udmurtia, September 18-20, 2018"
Tatiana Vagramenko
"Book Review: Sustaining Russia's Arctic Cities"
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