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JEF 16(2) 2022

Inspirational Insights
The Problematic Vernacular
Simon Bronner
Preface to the Special Issue “Hybrid Beliefs and Identities”
Art Leete
Articles (special issue)
Buying a God in Paris: Cultural Hybridity in the Thinking of Yuri Vella, Forest Nenets Intellectual
Eva Toulouze, Liivo Niglas, Laur Vallikivi
Hybridity in a Western Siberian Bear Ceremony
Stephan Dudeck
Finno-Ugric Indigenous Knowledge, Hybridity and Co-Creation in Research: The Komi Case
Art Leete
Magic Specialists in Udmurt Culture: Some Portraits
Nikolai Anisimov
Objectified Values at Udmurt Prayers
Ranus Sadikov, Tatiana Minniyakhmetova
Chuvash Village Sacred Spaces in the Samara Trans-Volga Region
Ekaterina Iagafova, Valeriia Bondareva
“When They Moved the Cemetery…”: Hybridisation of Belief in the Afterlife after Flood Zone Resettlement in Ukraine
Iryna Koval-Fuchylo
Jewish Stereotype in the Samogitian Dialect Worldview
Asta Balčiūnienė, Vaida Drukteinytė, Laima Kuprienė, Daiva Pagojienė
Displaying Exotic Otherness: Does the Space Matter?
Ilze Boldāne-Zeļenkova
Territories of Fire: Indigenous Communities, Land, and Anarchy among a Highland People in Mindoro
Christian Rosales
“The Beach Is Closed, but Not to Us”: Pandemic Experience and Social Boundaries in Rural Okinawa
Jamila Rodrigues
Environmental Sustainability Generated by the Views of the Skolt Sami and Gregory Bateson
Panu Itkonen
Notes and Reviews
Book Review: Faith, Doubt and Knowledge in Religious Thinking
Kristel Kivari
Book Review: New Studies of Folk Religiosity in Poland
Iryna Koval-Fuchylo
35th Nordic Ethnology and Folklore Conference in Reykjavik
Tenno Teidearu
Curating a Sense for the Past: Echo of the Urals Review
Mikaela Jo Krantz
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