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JEF 9(2) 2015

Maria-Alina Asavei
"Visual Chronicles from the Balkans and Central Europe: Samplers Remembered"
Dominika Czarnecka
"Making Sense of the Past: (Re)constructing the Local Memorial Landscape in a Post-Soviet Base in Poland"
Igor Mikeshin
"Decency, Humility, and Obedience: Spatial Discipline in the Baptist Rehab Centre"
Azher Hameed Qamar
"Tona, the Folk Healing Practices in Rural Punjab, Pakistan"
Davide Ermacora
"Pre-Modern Bosom Serpents and Hippocrates' Epidemiae 5: 86: A Comparative and Contextual Folklore Approach"
Klavs Sedlenieks
"Being a State and States of Being in Highland Georgia"
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