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JEF 15(2) 2021

Elliott Oring
"To Explain Tradition"
Alexander Panchenko
"Ancient Wisdom, Stigmatised Knowledge, and Sacred Landscapes: Ontologies and Epistemologies of New Age Culture in Post-Soviet Russia"
Julia Andreeva
"Traditions and the Imagined Past in Russian Anastasian Intentional Communities"
Julia Senina
"The Siberian Village of Okunevo as a Place of Power and Its Sacred Landscape"
Andrei Tiukhtiaev
"Alternative Archaeology and New Age Traditionalism in Contemporary Russia"
Sergei Shtyrkov
"Ossetian Ritual Feasts and Transpersonal Experience: Re-description of a Religion as a Religious Practice"
Heidi Henriikka Mäkelä
"Digesting the Finnish Nature and Past: Food, Pastness, and the Naturalness of the National in the Wiki-Inventory for Living Heritage"
Anu Kannike, Ester Bardone
"Negotiating Food Heritage Interpretations: Experiences of a Project at the Estonian National Museum"
Maili Pilt
"“You Have No Story, Yet!” The Role of the Online Community in Shaping Women’s ‘My Stories’ about the Journey to Motherhood"
Jelena Korolova, Oksana Kovzele, Ilze Kacane, Maija Grizane
"Transformations of Old Believer Wedding Rites in Latvia: The Case of Latgale"
Tiiu Jaago, Tiina Sepp
"Journey in a Life Story and Pilgrimage: Exploring the Connection between Humans and Place in a First-Person Narrative"
Lona Päll
"The Role of Place-lore in Environmental Conflict Discourse: The Case of Paluküla Sacred Hill in Estonia"
Eva Toulouze, Laur Vallikivi
"“We Cannot Pray without Kumyshka”: Alcohol in Udmurt Ritual Life"
Liivo Niglas
"I’m a Recorder: Interview with Asen Balikci"
Kaisa Langer
"Book Review. Folklore in Baltic History: Resistance and Resurgence"
Irina Paert
"Book Review. Orthodox Revivalism in Russia: Driving Forces and Moral Quests"
Kikee Doma Bhutia
"Book Review. Landscape, Ritual, and Identity among the Hyolmo of Nepal: Vitality of Indigenous Religions"
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