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JEF 14(1) 2020

Katre Koppel, Marko Uibu
"Not Even All Physicians Know Chinese Medicine! ": Analysing the Legitimation Strategies of Chinese Medicine in the Estonian Media"
Svetlana Ryzhakova
"Welcomed and Unwanted: Uncertainty and Possession in a Manasa Cult (North Bengal and West Assam, India)"
Alevtina Solovyeva
"Faces of Mongolian Fear: Demonological Beliefs, Narrative and Protective Measures in Contemporary Folk Religion"
Donata Brandišauskas
"Living with Reindeer Thirty Years after Socialism: Land Use and Large Reindeer Herding among the Evenki of Southeast Siberia"
Nikolai Anisimov, Irina Pchelovodova, Ekaterina Sofronova
"Migrant and Autochthonous Traditions within Udmurt Folksong (on the Example of the Siberian Udmurt)"
Ekaterina Iagafova, Valeriia Bondareva
"Chuvash ´Paganism´ at the Turn of the 21st Century: Traditional Rituals in the Religious Practice of Volga-Urals Chuvash Group"
Karolina Kouvola
"Travellers, Easter Witches and Cunning Folk: Regulators of Fortune and Misfortune in Ostrobothnian Folklore in Finland"
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