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JEF 11(2) 2017


Stefan Groth, Yonca Krahn
"Sensing Athletes: Sensory Dimensions of Recreational Endurance Sports"
Reet Hiiemäe
"Destiny, Miracle Healers and Magical Intervention: Vernacular Beliefs on Involuntary Childlessness in Estonia"
Nafisa Yeasmin
"Cultural Identities in Sustaining Religious Communities in the Arctic Region: An Ethnographic Analysis on Religiosity from the Northern Viewpoint"
Rahman Veisi Hasar
"Metaphor and Metonymy in Ancient Dream Interpretation: The Case of Islamic-Iranian Culture"
Valentina Mironova, Julia Litvin
"Young People's Joint Leisure Activities in Traditional Karelian Culture: Norms and Social Practice"
Simon Young
"‘Her Room Was Her World’: Nellie Sloggett and North Cornish Folklore"
Ülo Valk, Anastasiya Astapova, Elo-Hanna Seljamaa
"Interview with Professor Simon J. Bronner"
Alexandru-Laurenţiu Cohal
"Book Review: The Rites of Passage Time after Time"
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