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JEF 13(1) 2019

Risto Järv
"The Goldfish and Little Red Riding Hood: Characters and Their Combinations in Fairy Tale Jokes and Parodies"
Julien d'Huy
"Folk-Tale Networks: A Statistical Approach to Combinations of Tale Types"
Marcas Mac Coinnigh
"A Life History of the ‘Irish’ Ecotype Tied Stones and Loose Dogs"
Tiina Sepp
""The Narrative Is Ambiguous and That Location Isn’t the Right Location”: Presenting and Interpreting Medieval Saints Today in Canterbury, Durham and York"
Eva-Liisa Roht-Yilmaz
"“Fortune telling Is a Curse on Your Children”: Conversion, Fortune telling, and Beliefs in Magic among Roma Women in Estonia"
Tenno Teidearu
"The Practice of Wearing Crystals in Contemporary New Spirituality in Estonia: Supporting Oneself in Everyday Life"
Emese Ilyefalvi
"Witchcraft and Demonology – Topics, Methods and Trends in Witchcraft Research in Hungary, 2017"
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