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JEF 10(2) 2016

Art Leete, Aimar Ventsel
"Preface to the Special Issue: Drinking Is Not Just Fun"
Andrei V. Tutorsky
"Drinking in the North of European Russia: From Traditional to Totalising Liminality"
Igor Mikeshin
""I'm Not Like Most of You Here, I'm Just an Alcoholic": A Russian Baptist Theory of Addiction"
Kirill V. Istomin
"Suddenly a Binge Drinking Episode Has Happened to Him": Locus of Control, Notion of Responsibility, Alcoholism and Suicide in the Taz Region, Yamal Nenets Autonomous Okrug"
Lyudmila N. Khakhovskaya
"Alchohol Consumption Practices in the Koryak Community"
Laurent Legrain
"Drunkards and Singers: A Mongolian Battle of Sounds"
Sallie Anna Steiner
"Woven Identities: Socioeconomic Change, Women’s Agency, and the Making of a Heritage Art in Jølster, Norway"
Anastasiya Yarzutkina
"Anthropological Aspects of Alcohol Trade in Microsocieties of Chukotka National Settlements"
Art Leete
"Sensing Siberia"
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