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JEF 16(1) 2022

Editorial Impressions: On a Non-War
Art Leete
Inspirational Insights
Towards Wider Framings: World-Systems Analysis and Folklore Studies
Jason Baird Jackson
Towards the Analysis of Tradition-based Projects of Locality: A Case Study from Rural Hungary
Ágnes Eitler
Staging and Performing Tradition in Kosova Restaurants
Arsim Canolli
Delicious or Disgusting? The Winding Journey of Colostrum in Estonian Food Culture
Anu Järs, Anu Kannike
Indonesian Folk Narratives: On the Interstices of National Identity, National Values, and Character Education
Nita Novianti
“Rebuilding Ties That Existed Long Ago“: Experiences of Finnish Roma during Missionary Work in Estonia
Lidia Gripenberg
A Systematisation of Transcriptions of Early Olonkho Recordings According to Plot Peculiarity
Antonina Fedorovna Koryakina
Notes and Reviews
Book Review: Voices of Weavers: Textile Cultures, Craftsmanship, and Identity in Contemporary Myanmar
Ave Matsin
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