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Deep in the forest. One Hundred Estonian Fairy Tales About the Forest and its People

Perched on the northern rim of the Baltic States, one thing for which Estonia is known far and wide is its folklore collections, which are among some of the largest in the world. Another aspect that makes the country exceptional is that, in spite of urbanisation, modern Estonians are still enthralled by their forest, and half of the territory is wooded.
Forests and fairy tales stand side by side in this book. Here, you will find stories about the forest and the humans, animals, and supernatural creatures that thread its paths. Fairy tales reveal what people hold dear, the observations they make, and what lies at the depths of their souls. Thus, the English-language title: Deep in the Forest. Compiled by Risto Järv and translated into English by Adam Cullen, each fairy tale in this collection can also be found in the Estonian Folklore Archives.

Koostanud: Risto Järv
Tõlkinud: Adam Cullen
Toimetaja: Robyn Laider
Illustreerinud: Kadri Roosi
Kujundanud: Mari Kaljuste
Kirjastus: Varrak
Välja antud: 2024 (kordustrükk)
416 lk, kõva köide
Tootekood: 100771
Ühik: eks
28,00 €