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Collective rituals of the Eastern Udmurt / Коллективные ритуалы закамских удмуртов

Pealkiri: Collective rituals of the Eastern Udmurt: The example of Tatyshly district in Bashkortostan / Коллективные ритуалы закамских удмуртов: На примере Татышлинского района Башкортостана)
Formaat: 170x240 mm
Köide: kõvad kaaned
Trükk: värvitrükk
The Udmurt, a Finno-Ugric ethnic group living in central Russia, have agrarian traditions. The so-called Eastern Udmurt, a diaspora group living in a Turkic environment east of the Kama River, a large part of which is in the Republic of Bashkortostan are a particular group from the religious point of view: they have never been forced to embrace Christianity, and their particular form of agrarian worship is still very much alive, with more or less continuity.
This book focuses on four ceremonies of the spring cycle, most of them were never interrupted. These are the ceremonies for one half of the Udmurt villages in the Tatyshly district, a village ceremony, a ceremony with ten villages, ceremony with all the Eastern Udmurt villages and a winter ceremony. The books comments on the Eastern Udmurt religious practice and the proceedings of these rituals. An appendix presents the texts of twelve prayers, called kuris'kon, in the original Udmurt with English and Russian translations. Four films illustrate the four rituals.
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